Sculpt Art – Stucco Veneziano Sydney and Metal finish Sydney

Sculpt Art – stucco veneziano sydney, metal finish Sydney is company specializing in interior and exterior architectural finishes, custom made water features, sculptures, reliefs and murals. We have been working in Sydney and rest of Australia since 2003, especially good at stucco veneziano and metal finish. Within finishes range we work with: stucco, scagliola, paint finishes, gilding (gold and silver leafs application), glass balls and metal finish. Metal finish includes real metal powder (bronze, brass, copper, zinc, iron and aluminum) with range of textures and patinas available. We also work with epoxy and megapoxy resins which are heavy duty materials that can be used on concrete, tiles, wood or stone.

Sculpt Art – stucco veneziano sydney, metal finish Sydney are group of professionals with background in art and design. Our skills range from producing our own materials, through designing and finalizing the product on site. For all work we do, we make custom made samples and sketches for each customer. All techniques and materials can be adjusted to be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. Application areas include: feature walls, columns, entry and garage doors, garage floors, fences, signage, sculpture and many others.

Recently we added Courts Resurfacing (tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc.)  to the list of services we offer to our customer’s. We already finalised several successful projects while working for: Schools, Retirement Villages, Strata Apartment Blocks, etc. We offer full service, included material and installation directly, no contractors or third parties involved.

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